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ISICOLD, the cooling pad

No matter, whether you´re in the food-industry, pharma or healthcare-sector, into logistics, e-commerce or flowers, with the Isicold-Cooling pads, you`re easing the handling, revolutionizing your cold chain & you`ll optimize your CO2-balance and eco footprint 

Cooling pads in flexible plastic packaging:

Discover the diversity of the ISICOLD cooling pads

Kühlpackung in flexibler Kunststoffverpackung:

Gel cooling pad, 200g 
Gel cooling pad, 200g 

Dimensions unfrozen: 150x110x15 mm
Dimension frozen:        160x
115x20 mm

Packing                            60 pieces per box
                                           2940 per pallet


Store dry, no access to UV light

Product number: ISI0022

Gel cooling pad, 250g 

Dimensions unfrozen: 240x180x8 mm
Dimension frozen:        245x185x12 mm

Packing                           50 pieces per box

                                           2450 units per pallet


Store dry, no access to UV light

Product number: ISI0014

Gel cooling pad, 400g 

Dimensions unfrozen: 180x180x25 mm
Dimension frozen:        185x18
5x35 mm

Packing                            60 pieces per box

                                           1470 per pallet


Store dry, no access to UV light

Product number: ISI0020

Gel cooling pad, 500g 

Dimensions unfrozen: 180x180x25 m

Dimension frozen:       185x185x35 mm

Packing:                          25 pieces per box 
                                          1225 per pallet


Store dry, no access to UV light

Product number: ISI0021

Gel cooling pad, 900g 

Dimension unfrozen: 250x180x35 mm
Dimension frozen:      260x
190x45 mm

Packing:                         14 pieces per box

                                         672 pro Palette 


Store dry, no access to UV light

Product number: ISI0006

Gel cooling pad, 

Do you need an individual gel cooling pad? No problem! Talk to us and together we will develop the right solution for your cold chain.

Up to 25 hours temperature stability

The ISICOLD cooling pad is a sustainable cooling pad that keeps the desired temperature within minus 26 to plus 10°C for guaranteed up to 25 hours. It is 100% self-developed, patented and demonstrably unique. No chemicals are used, so that the content is harmless, even food-safe. 

For each new product, our specialists use a self-developed software to calculate the exact processes for each individual transport route.

The safe, cost-effective dry ice alternative - for a better CO2 balance

In addition to cooling, the ISICOLD cooling pad has a very important side effect: 

ISICOLD is not a hazardous substance and is therefore not subject to the hazardous substance regulations as it e.g. dry ice does. 

The ISICOLD cooling pad is cooled to the temperature you need, only. This not only saves you energy costs, but also makes it easier to use it in your process chain. Oh: And from the fifth use, it is CO2-neutral. An important factor for the CO2 balance of your company.

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