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We asked ourselves: Is there any sustainable solution for companies that do deal with large quantities of paper and carton every day ?


A solution that does offer a sensible and rational possibility to recycle or to even reuse exactly this waste ?

Sustainable. Good.

The resource-saving packaging solution

The answer is: Yes. With the KAROPACK. The most clever solution for the direct recycling of Wastepaper and carton.


The KAROPACK-packing-pads offer companies the possibility to move away from external wastepaper recycling to their own inhouse packing-pad production.


With loads of advantages for you:


  • From now on now more costs for packing pads

  • You produce cost-efficient as you only produce that much of pads as you need

  • You save lots of money for the external recycling companies

  • You save the place for the presscontainer

  • You act independent


How it works? Very easy and in 4 steps

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3

Step 4

Collect your waste paper and carton

You put your paper and carton into the huge opening of the shredder of the Packing-Pad-Machine.

The material gets shredded and via conveyor, it gets sent to the Silo.

The Packing-Pad-Machine takes the required paper from the roll, forms it to a bag, feeds it with the shredded and crushed mix of paper and carton and seals the bags. Finished. You got high-quality, tear-resistant and dust-free Packaging-pad that saves your products at their further transport.

No matter, if you wanna buy the packing-pads or if you want to produce them yourselves – you save Resources and do a brilliant part for a sustainable packaging-solution. With inhouse-recycling to an own production.


And what happens with the packaging pads when they´re not used, anymore? They get into the waste-paper. So you do not even deprive the paper-recycling of their resources.


You want to get to know more about the system and the KAROPACK Packaging pads ? Then get in contact to us. We love to inform you about our products.

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