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ISICOLD Cooling-Box

We need to admit – it looks like each other ordinary Cool box. One, we all know very well.
But our ISICOLD Cool box is different.


The self invented and worldwide patented ISICOLD cool box is made of a very special formula of an EPS / XPS and has some unmatched properties that grant longevity, reliability, sustainability and, together with our ISICOLD GelPacks, for an extremely long duration of keeping the temperature inside.


No matter, whether you want to transport exclusive Champagne, brilliant vines, excellent caviar, fresh fish, lobster or other sensible goods such as live seafruits at a fixed temperature of 2-8 degrees or if you want to transport frozen goods at minus 18°C; ISICOLD is specialized in securing the temperature for a sincerely long period of time even at extremely flexible temperatures in the Boxes`s surrounding environment.


Our specialists can calculate the perfect solution from the warehouse via the transport `til the delivery of the goods – no matter, whether taken by bike, car, truck, train, helicopter or airliner.

The extraordinary Cool-Box

Cool Box Base

Die Box ist in der Basisversion sowie
in Kombination mit der modukaren
Erweiterung einsatzbar.

Ext. Vermassung (mm): 1200x800x690

Int. Vermassung (mm):  1060x660x430
Wandstärke (mm):          70
Volume (L)                         300
Leergewicht (Kg)             7,1
Konditionen:                     1 Stück / Deckel


Produktkode: ISI00B01

Cool Box Ring

With the rings, you can gain a lot
more volume.


Ext. Measurement (mm): 1200x800x690

Int. Measurement (mm): 1060x660x430

Wall (mm):                           70

Volume:                                150

Netweight empty:             1,4

Box with Lid



Productcode: ISI00R01


At the stress-tests, the box has proven to keep the temperature at the installed level – without further technical assistance.

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