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Fluctuations, breakages or efficiencies in the cold chain pose major challenges time and again, especially for companies in the healthcare and food industries. Either the use of cooling systems is very expensive or only of short duration. ISICOLD has a whole new approach, patented by our own developments, that keeps your cold chain sustainable, constant and cost-efficient. There has never been a CO2-efficient cooling system like this before.

Cooling pad

The ISICOLD cooling pack is a sustainable cooling pad that maintains the desired temperature

guaranteed for up to 20 hours. Our specialists calculate the exact procedures for you.No chemicals are used, so the contents are harmless, even edible. We have all known international patents, certificates & licenses to securely accompany your products on the globe even in the airplane.


Fields of application: Health, Pharma & Food.  


If you are now thinking about changing your cold chain in a sustainable way, let us talk. We are happy to talk.

ISICOLD cooling box


We have developed an ISICOLD box made of EPS, of which we are extremely proud of the patent.

Intended as a long-distance cooling box, it may look like any "of those styrofoam boxes", but no other can do what this one can. And we are not just talking about the modular system. 


Talk to us. We will be happy to convince you. And almost by yourself.

Warming Pad  - Fesstime    _cc781905-5cde-3193-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Everyone who likes to sit outside knows this. No matter if in a restaurant, in a café or on the golf course. A freezing butt is a main reason to get back on the way - lingering is no fun.


We have developed Fesstime - Fess is French for butt - an extremely flat cushion that adapts to the contours of your butt and maintains the temperature you give it for a good 1.5 hours and releases it again like a wireless heating pad.


The outer skin developed for this purpose is 100% recyclable, the contents are 100% non-toxic and the pillow can be warmed up to 55°C.

How to get it warm ? Just put it on the heater overnight - or put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, on a plate warmer, well, even in the oven would work.

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Examples of use

Karopack Logo.png

Probably the smartest solution to replace packaging pads with your own quantities of cardboard & paper waste is offered by Karopack. A system that allows you to simply recycle your waste paper as a secondary packaging material. Without much effort, but very ecological, extremely sustainable and really useful.

How does this work for your company? Much easier than you think. 

Just let us talk about it.

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